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Hart Theater Company is located at Light Tree Studios Suite 6

War Bride of Mormon County

A staged reading of a play by

Randall Huskinson

April 12- 13

War Bride of Mormon County is the tale of an underdog, outsider mother fighting to save her daughter, her marriage, and ultimately herself, in an environment where everyone around her suddenly seems willing and able to bend the truth and twist the facts.

Trudy Thompson’s life explodes when her seven-year-old daughter, Eliza, reveals a devastating secret about the family’s revered patriarch.

Trudy is a convert to the Mormon religion and immigrant to rural Utah, USA, circa 1980s. She is from Manchester, England, where she met a Mormon missionary who converted her and eventually became her husband. Trudy now lives among his devout LDS family, where she is decidedly an outsider.

War Bride of Mormon County is a story of an accidental hero: a woman who must respond instantly and radically to her unexpected situation.

The piece challenges perceptions. It is neither a takedown nor endorsement of the LDS religion, rather it is a story set within the possibilities of that religion and its culture; a story that challenges the paradigms, beliefs, and loyalties of its characters.

Spring Awakening

Music by Duncan Sheik

Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater

May 9 - June 2
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